MetaMask Guide

Learn how you can buy Promise Tokens on PancakeSwap with your MetaMask Wallet

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Download MetaMask app or Chrome Extension.

  2. Select BSC Mainnetwork in MetaMask. If not present, add it by clicking “Networks” -> "Add Network" in your MetaMask settings: - Network Name: BSC Mainnet - New RPC URL: htttps:// - Chain ID: 56 - Currency Symbol: BNB - Block Explorer:

  3. Go to in your browser and click "Connect Wallet".

  4. Select MetaMask and confirm.

  5. In PancakeSwap, in the "From" Box select BNB.

  6. In the "To" Box, click “Select Currency” and enter the following smart contract: --> 0xcbccf14b051947bdcd1e20b77015208a1ad5ea25

  7. Click on the cogwheel and set slippage to between 11-12%.

  8. Enter the desired amount and press the Swap button.

  9. Confirm the purchase and add the currency to your MetaMask by clicking "Import Tokens" & entering the Promise Token smart contract.

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