Promise Online Casino

In this section, you will read everything about the Promise Online Casino. The decentralized web3 casino is expected to be available in Q1 2022.


The decentralized casino app will be a web3 platform where users worldwide can participate in our smart contract games and gamble. A decentralized casino app offers more security, fairness, and transparency for users. This is because all Smart Contract games are open to the public, so everyone can see how the games are set up. It also offers more security as Promise does not act as an intermediary and cannot access users' funds. Unlike centralized casinos, we do not have centralized wallets. Everything is powered by web3.

The decentralized casino app is already designed. The only thing missing is the final development of the design and the integration of the smart contract games.

Available Games

  • Promised Sevens

Currently, we have only one game that is already published, however not integrated into the Promise Online Casino. More games are coming soon.

Win 100% Of Your Bet

If you win, you will receive 100% of your wagered amount as winnings plus your wagered amount. Here is an example:

Wagered AmountWon AmountResult (Instantly Credited to Wallet




Lost Bets

Losings locked in smart contract

Winners get 100% of the wagered amount credited as winnings and additionally the wagered amount. However, if a user loses, the distribution looks a little different. We decided on this distribution because we think that this is firstly fair for all players, and secondly, it guarantees the economic maintenance of Promise and its smart contracts. 85% of the lost amount will be stored back to the smart contract to increase the liquidity of winnings for other players.

Losings Distribution

85% Back to Promise Online Casino Liquidity 3% as Referral Commission 2% to Jackpot Pool 10% to Promise Token Liquidity/Burn


As described above, 2% of the lost amounts are saved in a pool that is collected as a jackpot for all players. This entire jackpot pool is winnable as a prize for one person. After a jackpot is cleared, it will be restarted at 0 BNB and collected again until it is won again.

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