Staking – Promise Token

Promise Online Casino is currently in development and is expected to be available in Q1 2022. Until completion, we will reward our investors with a decentralized staking feature with a 37,400% APY.

Limited Time Available

The Staking feature for Promise Tokens will be available for a limited time only. As the Smart Contract through which the Staking Feature is operated, and with existing funds in the Deployer Wallet filled with approximately 402T Promise Tokens, the Staking Feature will no longer be available for Promise Tokens. However, we are in the process of developing a new token, which will be called SLOT Token. This token will be considered as another investment asset, but will also be made available as another payment method in addition to BNB and will be integrated into the Staking platform.

10,000% APR | 37,400% APY

Promise Staking offers several huge benefits to our investors. One of them is the very high percentage that, with compounding, adds up to 37.400% (APY) on a full year, which is an average daily return of 102%. Without compound interest, the annual return is 10.000% (APR) in one year, which is about 2.7% per day.

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