Not only can you earn Promise Tokens by staking but also by inviting friends and potential investors who want to support the web3 innovation and prefer the idea of a decentralized online casino.

2.5% Commission

The commission percentage you can earn by inviting people for the Staking feature is 2.5% of the profit of the invited person. Once the invited user claims his profit and it is available in his personal wallet balance, your commission contribution will be in your commission balance and can be claimed as well. So if your referrals claim the profits every day, you will have a passive income that grows every day.

Unlimited Commissions

When you invite someone to the Staking Feature, you will receive commissions from that person for life as long as they continue to hold assets in the Staking Pool and claim their profits. For Promise Tokens, you will receive commissions as long as the staking feature lasts, but it is worth mentioning that your referrals will continue to exist for the staking of SLOT Tokens and you can earn commissions there as well.

Unlimited Users

A very big advantage is that you can invite unlimited people for staking. There is no limit on how many users you can invite. The more users you invite and the more of them use the Staking feature, the more you can earn.

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