Here you can find all major frequently asked questions.

What is Promise about?

Promise is a project dedicated to the gambling industry. We specialize in developing a decentralized online casino and have already made our first smart contract game public. This can be viewed here.

What is Promise Token?

Promise Token is a BEP-20 based token which is considered as shares of Promise Company. We are building a brand with the Promise Company and investors can benefit from our development and innovations. Also, Promise investors can take advantage of our staking app and increase their Promise Tokens.

What is SLOT Token? (Soon)

The SLOT Token will serve as another means of payment in our decentralized online casino alongside BNB. We will also make SLOT Token available in our Staking App alongside Promise Token as an investment option.

The SLOT Token is not yet fully developed, but we are already working on it.

What is the Staking App? (Soon)

The Staking App will be a web3 platform that will serve as an investment opportunity for our users. First of all, we will add Promise Token to our Staking App where investors can increase their funds. In the future, SLOT tokens will also be made available for staking.

The staking app is already in development and is expected to be made public in early Q1 2022.

How many tokens can be staked?

All tokens currently stored in the Deployer Address will be sent to the Smart Contract and will be locked to make them available as stakeable funds for our investors. So there will be about 400T Promise Tokens to be distributed to the stakers.

What is the decentralized casino app? (Soon)

The decentralized casino app will be a web3 platform where users worldwide can participate in our smart contract games and gamble. A decentralized casino app offers more security, fairness and transparency for users. This is because all Smart Contract games are open to the public, so everyone can see how the games are set up. It also offers more security as Promise does not act as an intermediary and cannot access users' funds. Unlike centralized casinos, we do not have centralized wallets. Everything is powered by web3.

The decentralized casino app is already designed. The only thing missing is the final development of the design and the integration of the smart contract games.

Have you already developed smart contract games?

We have already developed a smart contract game and made it public. However, since the decentralized casino app is not yet fully developed, the game is not yet integrated. However, you can already communicate directly with the smart contract and test the game. -> To view the Smart Contract, click here.

When will you join the Metaverse?

Promise is also planning to join the innovative Metaverse, starting as early as 2022. We will have our own plot where we will build our casino. Players will then be able to go there and play the games directly in the Metaverse. Of course, we will also decorate this with various NFTs.

An exact date for the finished development of the Metaverse is still unclear.

What is the fee distribution for Promise Token?

Every transaction within the Promise smart contract applies a 4% fee, meaning buy and sell orders. Out of this, 2% will be automatically distributed to Promise token holders. This serves as a reward for those people who keep the Promise the longest and support the project. The other 2% will be distributed to the liquidity pool which leads to a higher price floor of Promise Tokens.

How many tokens will be burned?

50% of the total token supply has already been burned. In addition, with all transactions made with Promise tokens, another 2% will be burned. In this way, combined with our strategic marketing methods, we can guarantee a shortage of tokens as demand continues to grow.

Is Promise Token listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko?

Promise Token is already listed on both platforms and can be viewed here:

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