Web3 Benefits

The web3 technology offers different advantages over centralized online casinos and systems in general. Some advantages have already been mentioned above, but here we come to the general advantages.


A big Web3 advantage is that we guarantee the privacy of our gamblers. We know that for many gamblers privacy is very important, so as long as you keep your wallet address anonymous, you remain anonymous. Because in order to play at Promise, there is no need to create an account and therefore never have to make a KYC, which means that we cannot associate a wallet address with identity, so cannot others.


Web3 offers increased security for users in all areas. This also applies to the gambling area. Not only is privacy guaranteed, but security, such as manipulation of games, more security over players' funds, and much more.


Should it happen, which of course it won't, that Promise withdraws from the gambling industry and closes its casino app, then any person or company can still use Promise's smart contracts and connect them to their own site. Smart Contracts are stored in the Blockchain and can never be deleted. So the games in our online casino will also be there forever.

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